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Unfair Practices: Why It Pays To Know Who You Are Insuring With

    Who of us doesn’t love a bargain? Maybe in the New Year one of your resolutions was to save money. You may be thinking of shopping around your services like phone, cable, and insurance, to see if you can save some money. Before you sign up with that online insurance company that is […]

Living in Milford? See How That Impacts Your Insurance.

      The cost of car insurance can vary dramatically, and there are many factors that go into it. Most people know that their driving record, and the value of the car are taken into consideration, but did you know that your zip code is too? That is why if you change your address […]

Consumer-Friendly Changes to Massachusetts Surcharge Limits are Good News For Local Drivers

    If you’ve ever been in a car accident you know it’s a mostly unpleasant experience. On top of dealing with the immediate effects, filing a claim, dealing with someone else’s insurance company, getting your car fixed, there is the knowledge in the back of your mind that your insurance rates might increase as […]

Going on Vacation? Should You Purchase Rental Car Coverage?

“Would you like to purchase the additional insurance for your vehicle?” Even the most knowledgeable insured has been thrown by this question, so here is a quick refresher course. The basic truth is that your personal insurance coverage extends to a rental in most situations when you are renting in the United States, Canada or […]

Progressive Insurance Settles $8 Million Class Action Suit With MA Law Firms

    In early 2016 Progressive insurance agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that accused the insurance company of using deceptive business practices in recommending coverage’s to Massachusetts insureds. Below you will find a link to the original article posted on, but in short, when Massachusetts residents went online to get a quote […]

4 Things Bright Insurance wants you to know about Gap insurance.

    Are you in the market for a new vehicle this Christmas? Here are 4 Things Bright Insurance wants you to know about Gap insurance. -Despite what some commercials will tell you a standard auto policy will give you the current value of your car if you are in an accident and the vehicle […]

No Need to Fear the Deer this Fall

      Most of us know that with the close of summer and the transition into fall we can expect cooler weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and Christmas shopping ads that start way too soon. What you might not know is that with the cooler weather comes a greater risk of deer collisions. The odds of […]

Auto Insurance: When The Minimum Just Isn’t Enough

    Who amongst us doesn’t love a great deal or bargain? Most of us have felt the rush of scoring something for less than the value we thought we would have to pay, and we love it. This is especially true when it comes to things we need to buy, like insurance. Massachusetts requires […]

The Small But Mighty, Rental Car Coverage

    When it comes to auto policies, rental coverage is a small, often overlooked item usually costing less than $75 a year. You can be the best driver and still get in an accident that isn’t your fault, or even be hit in a parking lot when you aren’t even driving at all. In […]
Can a parking ticket affect you car insurance?

Can a parking ticket affect you car insurance?

It certainly can.How many of us have thrown that nasty citation for a nuisance meter violation into our glove box with utter anger and arrogance?  For a select few of us, there may even be a colony of them building up in there. Then, a few months later, there comes the hard reality. Failing to […]