*Our Jensen Sheehan office has moved.  We are now located at 760 Washington Street in Holliston.*

Effective May 28 we will be changing some of our office policies. We will no longer be requiring fully vaccinated individuals to wear a mask when coming into our building. We respectfully ask that those who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear their masks. We will continue to practice diligent cleaning measures and the plexiglass dividers will remain in place.

We are making every effort to provide a safe environment. Thank you for your patience during this transition. We will get through this together.

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Jensen Sheehan has moved to 760 Washington St, Holliston.

Our Jensen Sheehan office has recently moved to it’s new location at 760 Washington St in Holliston. Before we moved into the old bank location President Steve Ellis made some updates as pictured here. If you’re in the Holliston area stop by and say hello to Jana, Elaine, Julie and Kathy and make sure you’re…

Beating the Heat This Summer

When summer weather is here the heat can be hard to escape, even inside your home. While the idea of blasting your air conditioning seems appealing, it starts to look less that way once you get your first summer electric bill. Here are some ways to keep cool, without blowing your electricity budget. Use portable…

Grilling Safety Tips For Your Summer Fun

When warmer weather hits there is nothing better than the smell of food cooking on a grill. Like anything fun, cooking on a grill brings with it its own set of challenges and risks, including home fires. Most of us probably think that because we have been grilling for years that we know how to…

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