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Why work for us?

Bright Insurance and Jensen-Sheehan Insurance are family-operated businesses serving the greater Milford and Holliston areas for over 75 years. We believe in a promoting a strong company culture through providing a healthy and productive work environment, solid relationships between colleagues and by encouraging continued professional development. We try to retain some of the founding principles of what made our great country of the USA known for being one of the best places to work in the world. Each employee is treated as a valued individual and we make our best effort to be considerate of both their professional and personal needs. We offer the best health insurance possible, regular company outings and even celebrate the many federal and state holidays, sports teams and much more at our offices on a regular basis. We have very little turnover as most of our employees have been with us ten, twenty, thirty years or more. Come be a part of the family.



We have no current openings.

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