Enjoy The Great Outdoors But Avoid The Ticks

black and white drawing of tick in front of trees


Warm weather brings many of us outside this time of year, but we aren’t the only ones enjoying the beautiful temperatures. The last few years ticks have been in abundance, and this year seems to be no different. With Lyme-disease carrying ticks in so many places in nature proper tick etiquette before and after any outdoor walks are important.


Ticks can be found in a variety of locations but if you are walking in any tall grass, low to the ground shrubs, or wooded plant areas it is safe to assume ticks are present. Ticks can even be found in most residential backyards.



-limit the amount of exposed skin. If you are hiking or walking through wooded areas wear closed toed shoes, high socks and long pants.

-While it takes some planning ahead if you are a frequent hiker, you can purchase permethrin, an insecticide spray that repels ticks. It can be sprayed on clothing, shoes, and even backpacks. Once sprayed it takes a few hours to dry but lasts for 3-4 weeks once you use it.


-Avoid giving ticks a free ride into your house by checking your clothes carefully before returning inside from your time outside.

-Inspect every part of your body, taking care to check behind joints, behind your ears and your hair as ticks like warm, dark places.

-Heat will kill ticks so if you suspect there may be ticks in your clothes put them in the washing machine or dryer for at least 10-15 minutes. Cold or lukewarm water will not kill the ticks.

-Taking a shower after being outside is a great way to wash off any unnoticed ticks and a perfect time to do a tick check.

-Don’t forget to check your furry friends after they have been outside either in your yard or with you on a hike.


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