Avoiding Summertime Claims


modern white boat sinking in water after crash
Modern white boat goes underwater after crash. Ducks swimming near

Summer months bring their own sets of adventure and challenges. While some claims like ice dams are less of a problem once winter is past, some claims like theft and vandalism and even tire blow outs are more common in the summer. Luckily, whatever time of year your claim occurs we have a full time claims representative available to help you get through it.

Here are some claims that are more likely to occur in the warmer months of the year, and ways to safeguard against them.


1-Vandalism, mischief and partial theft claims. One good thing about colder weather is that most people stay inside rather than being out and about, which means less thieves are out as well. With warmer weather more people are out and more people leave windows open and doors unlocked which can create opportunities for theft. Try not to leave items visible and unattended in your car, valuable or not. If you do have expensive items in your car, think about hiding them fully under your seat or even in the trunk, ideally before parking your car. Park close to your destination or in a well-lit area.


2-Motor cycle and ATV claims. Summer is a great time to bring out your motorcycle, and most people who have them in storage put them back on the road this time of year. Before you put it back on the road make sure to call your insurance agent to reinstate insurance coverage. Wear the proper equipment when riding, this includes a helmet at the very least but should also include things like long pants, boots, gloves and jackets. Be on the lookout for all of the new potholes from another New England winter when driving so that you don’t wipeout.


3-Boats and RVs. It’s no surprise that boat and RV claims increase in the summer, it’s the time of year where people take vacations to the rivers and lakes and do lots of camping. Unfortunately, these types of claims often result in serious injuries and even death. Wearing a life jacket is the most important thing boaters can do to improve safety.  RV accidents are more likely to occur for drivers who are inexperienced at driving and maneuvering such a big vehicle. If possible, take a safety class before you get behind the wheel. Also-make sure that you check all the equipment like spare tires and an emergency road kit before taking off on an adventure.


4-Claims associated with tire blow outs. Americans on average drive more in the summer than any other time of the year so it’s no surprise that your car will show more signs of wear. Try to make it a habit to visibly check your tires every day before starting the engine. Periodically check the tire pressure with a gauge. Keep an eye out for uneven wear patterns of foreign objects like nails stuck in the tire.

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