Not Just Another Set of Wheels — Protecting Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car is a significant investment, and like most investments, requires protection. While insurance policies on typical cars are commonplace, policies on classic cars are rarer. Here is some information you need to know if you have a classic car that you need to insure.

  • What is a classic car? : Most insurance companies consider a classic car to be older than 25 years and in good condition. There are some exceptions. For example, extremely rare and exotic cars may not need to reach the 25-year threshold.
  • Limitations: With a classic car policy, you may be required to meet certain criteria, including parking the vehicle off the street in a garage and using the vehicle for less than a certain annual mileage. Usually this is not a problem because owners only take the cars out for shows or short rides, but if you use your classic car on a daily basis, it might be excluded.
  • Coverage: Most classic cars are insured for an agreed upon value and there is no depreciation. In the event of a loss, you will be covered up to the agreed upon amount.

Whether you have a classic car, modern car, or both, if you’re looking for an insurance quote, you can trust Bright Insurance to help you find the perfect policy to fit your need.

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