No Need to Fear the Deer this Fall

Most of us know that with the close of summer and the transition into fall we can expect cooler weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and Christmas shopping ads that start way too soon. What you might not know is that with the cooler weather comes a greater risk of deer collisions. The odds of a motorist and deer collision increase in October and November, and the average claim is over $4,000. Here are a few things you should know about auto insurance and comprehensive coverage.

Most people carry collision and comprehensive on their auto policies, but they may not know what they cover. Comprehensive protects your physical vehicle against damage that is not a collision. This generally covers damage caused by theft, vandalism, natural disaster, falling objects, fire, hail, flood, and animal damage. All policies have a deductible for comprehensive coverage, so if you hit a deer you will pay the deductible, but your insurance will cover the rest. Hitting a deer can cause major damage to your vehicle, and it is not uncommon for deer to total vehicles and cause major injuries.

The price of comprehensive coverage varies based on your vehicle and where you live but is generally less expensive than collision coverage. As a bonus, a crack in your windshield is also covered under your comprehensive coverage. Glass coverage is not subject to your deductible in Massachusetts, so if you have comprehensive coverage you can repair your cracked windshield at no cost to you. Most agents recommend keeping comprehensive coverage even on older vehicles just for that reason.

For more information on comprehensive coverage and your policy contact your personal customer service representative today.

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