Massachusetts Distracted Driver Law

woman in a car texting on phone
woman stuck in traffic texting on phone

Distracted driving is a big issue. We all see people every day who are texting or playing with their phones while driving. Starting at the end of February Massachusetts will have a new distracted driving law in place. There will be a grace period through March where police will give warnings and not tickets but you can still be pulled over. Drivers will continue to be able to use electronics in “hands free “mode but otherwise should not have a phone in their hand for any other reason. First time offenders after the grace period is passed will be fined $100, second time offenders will be fined $250 and required to take a distracted driving course. Additional violations will result in a $500 fine and can also be credited as a surcharge on your driving record. There are a few exceptions to the new law,

You are permitted to use electronic devices under certain circumstances including:

If you are in a stopped vehicle and the vehicle is not in any public way intended for travel (ie a road)

If you are in or responding to an emergency situation

If you are using your device to view a map for navigation and your phone is mounted to the window, dashboard or center console.

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