Home Maintenance Tips to get your House Ready for Spring

It seems like winter may have gone easy on us this year, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t do damage to our homes and property before it left. Below are some common spring time repairs that could save you hassles on your homeowners insurance

Damaged Gutters: We had a few storms this winter where wind and heavy snow brought tree limbs and debris down into yards and roofs. Spring is a good time to re-check your gutters to prevent water from backing up in those “April showers”. Water backups can crate water damage, mold mildew and leaks inside your house. A little preventative cleaning can go a long way in preventing future claims

Concrete Repair: Water can also intensify cracks in concrete, which can lead to more water issues or even structural issues. If concrete around your house becomes uneven it can be a potential liability issue if someone visiting you trips and falls. Fill and cover any cracks the show up after all the snow has melted.

Shifting in the driveway could also cause water to run towards your foundation, rather than away. Most insurance policies won’t cover damage from groundwater running in this way, so if you are concerned you might want to consider a separate flood policy. If your home is not in a high flood area they are usually fairly inexpensive.

Brickwork: The same goes for brickwork on or around your house. There are special sealants and paints made for brick that can keep water out and reduce any liability risk from people walking on your property.

Replace roof shingles: Ice Dams, or even simple snow and ice can damage your roof and leave you with missing shingles or bare spots. Prevent larger problems down the road by fixing and replacing small pieces as they come up.

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