Taking the Pain Out of Dealing With the RMV

Dealing with the Registry is nobody’s idea of a good time. In fact most of us dread going there. Registry interactions can be a big deal, and affect your driving record and insurance rate if they are neglected. Did you know that we can perform some simple registry transactions right in our office? For transactions we can’t do for you, here are some things that might make dealing with the Mass RMV easier.

Massrmv.com.The registry has a website with lots of helpful information, many transactions can be done right online. Before heading into the branch check the website to see if you can avoid the registry altogether, but if you can’t, the website will tell you what the estimated wait time will be at your specific branch. There are notifications on the main page that let you know if any branches are having issues or are closed for some reason.

No more license renewal reminders-It was big news a few years ago when the registry stopped mailing out reminders when your license was set to expire, but by now most of us have forgotten. If you are pulled over while driving with an expired license you won’t be able to drive your car away. A Massachusetts license is typically valid for 5 years and expires on your birthday. Depending on individual circumstances you may be able to renew your license online. If are due for an updated photo or have outstanding taxes or tickets you may have to go in to a location to renew.

Pay attention to your inspection sticker.While this isn’t technically a registry issue, it’s in the same family. Did you know that receiving a ticket for having an expired sticker could affect your driving record and increase your insurance premium? Keep an eye on the month your sticker expires and try not to wait until the last minute in case these is an issue you need to fix.

Registration and License Plate Stickers.If you vehicle registration is lost, stolen or damaged you can request a replacement from the RMV. If you are pulled over without a current registration, you could be faced with additional penalties or fines. Massachusetts considers driving a car with no registration a surchargeable offense so it could also increase your insurance. Don’t forget to attach the new registration sticker to your license plate, a missing or outdated sticker could cost you a $40 fine.

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