Protect your Home, Take Care of Your Trees.

house with tree that has fallen on the roof
Panorama view fallen tree branch on sidewalk of residential house

Having trees in your yard can be a great thing. They look beautiful, and they offer privacy and shade. Trees can also be a hazard to your home when they start looking sickly or dead and start swaying more and more on windy days. Sick trees can be a big problem, and an insurance liability. They can fall and damage buildings, injure people or take down powerlines. They can spread diseases to other trees causing more of them to die and wreak havoc on your gardens. Here are some ways to tell if your trees should stay…. Or if then need to leave (pun intended) and what you can do to help them.

-One of easiest things to spot is a rotting trunk. Look for holes or rot in branches that may cause them to hang or completely fall on their own.

-Peeling bark. Some trees naturally shed their bark, but for many other kinds of trees peeling or shredding bark are a sign of sickness or death.

-The presence of fungi can be a sign that a tree is unhealthy. Often if a tree is infected with fungus, it will cause the leaves to be discolored or wilted. The presence of mushrooms on or around your tree can indicate that some of the tree is rotting and a rotting tree is a big risk for falling on your property.

It is not always easy to tell if a tree is dead, struggling or just dormant. If you have concerns you can reach out to a tree service or arborist. If you have trees that are of a good size that need to come down you should contact a tree removal service. Tree removal can be dangerous to your person and your home if the pieces you cut fall in unexpected ways.

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