Lawn Mower Safety: Keeping the Mundane in Your Maintenance

Every weekend in yards all around you can hear the sounds of lawnmowers and smell the fresh cut grass. While in many ways lawn mowing is one of the most mundane and normal of summer activities, it is a potentially dangerous one as well. Every year approximately 75,000 people go to the emergency room for lawnmower related injuries, 30% of those injuries come from riding mowers alone.

The Insurance Information Institute offers some helpful safety tips to keeping your lawn mowing safe and uneventful.

-Before mowing check the yard for rocks, sticks and toys that may be laying around. Lawnmowers can pick things up in their path and throw them, leading to many injuries including injuries to eyes.

-Wear protective eye wear.

-Wear heavy shoes when mowing, never sandals or sneakers

-Fuel up before you start. If you have to re-fuel mid mow turn the lawnmower off and let the engine cool before putting more gas in.

-Always turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop completely before removing grass or inspecting the equipment. Use a stick or broom handle to dislodge grass, never your hand or foot.

-When using a riding mower on a hill drive up and down rather than across to prevent mower rollover.

-Do not allow children to ride as passengers on a riding mower (slipping is a leading cause of injury) and always keep children out of the yard when mowing.

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