Halloween Safety

The following guidelines may help insure a fun and accident free evening for your children:

Picking out costume-

  • Try to choose a costume that is light colored It will be more easily seen by drivers
  • If black is the only option (example- Batman costume), attach reflective tape to the front and back
  • Purchase a costume which is flame retardant If you are making a handmade out, use nylon or polyester materials which don’t burn easily

Dressing for that night-

  • Do not allow your children to wear a mask, hairpiece, beard, wig or headwear which might impede their vision or breathing
  •  Don’t allow your children to wear glasses which come with some costumes, because they may affect vision
  • Make sure that the footwear and costume don’t interfere with each other That could cause a trip and fall
  • Attach a name tag to your children’s outfits which includes your home telephone number

Before hitting the street-

  • Where age appropriate, have your children carry a cell phone and make sure they know how to use it to call you and 911 if necessary
  • Give your children a flash light with fresh batteries, and encourage them to carry glow sticks or wear necklaces or bracelets of that type
  • If any of your children are under 12 years old, you should go with them

Going door to door-

  • Encourage your children to walk and stay in groups, preferably with an adult among them
  • Remind them to walk on lighted sidewalks and only approach homes with lights on
  • Also, remind them to use traffic controlled crossing areas
  • Have them avoid short cuts thru yards or back alleys
  • Have your children only canvas neighborhoods nearby and familiar to you
  • Tell them to stay away from carved pumpkins with flames
  • Have them give you an approximate route they will follow
  • Tell them not to enter anyone’s home or car
  • Set a clear timeframe as to when they will return home or where they are to be picked up by you
  • Insist that your children call you if they know they will miss their curfew

When returning home-

  • Check to make sure that the candy packaging is sealed and not tampered with Throw out any that is partial opened, zip locked or unsealed
  • Only allow your children to consume home baked treats from people you know well Throw out those which aren’t
  • Whether at a stranger’s home or your own, children, treats and pets may not be a good combination Keep them apart
  • Don’t allow your children to consume anything which might cause choking Stay away from gum balls or large hard candy
  • Don’t allow your children to over eat Ration where appropriate

Alternatives to trick or treating door to door may include

  • Checking for community activities or events
  •  Attending a party offered by a church or civic group
  • Treating them to a movie with all the goodies
  • Canvassing store to store at shopping malls
  • Visiting only friends and relatives
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