Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Breaking out your warm weather toys.

Spring is in the air.

Well maybe not, after all it did snow this morning and this past weekend, but spring is on the calendar so it’s a start. If you are like most people, you are chomping at the bit to put this winter behind you. Put away the shovels and mittens, pull out the light jackets, the gardening equipment, and your motorcycle, maybe even your RV or boat. We New Englanders love our seasons and the time to get back to enjoying the great warm outdoors is here.

As you pull your motorized equipment out of storage, don’t forget to pull out that insurance policy for them.Just like your helmet and life jackets are important to the safety of you and your passengers, so is a good insurance policy. You may not know that many recreational vehicles require yearly registration renewals, and we are able to do most simple renewals for you in our Milford office . Here are some quick tips and refresher information you should keep in mind to keep you safe this season.

Boat coverage:
-When registering a new trailer, you will need to contact your insurance company for an RMV form. Trailer registration expires every year on the last day of November.
-When towing your boat via a trailer, only liability extends from the vehicle doing the towing. Collision and Comprehensive coverage can be purchased additionally to cover the trailer in case of an accident or other damage to the body of the trailer. Ask your customer service rep for full coverage options when you are adding the trailer to your policy.
-There is no law in Massachusetts that requires you to have boat insurance. However, if you have a loan on your boat the bank may require it. Even so, boat insurance is financial protection to cover you and your loved ones from the cost of unexpected events damaging your boat or liability due to accidents, and is highly recommended.
-Boat coverage can vary greatly based on many factors including size, where the boat will be used and experience, so we recommend you contact your customer service rep for specifics on your boat.

-Registering a motorcycle in Massachusetts is identical in most ways to registering a car. You must insure your vehicle and then bring a stamped application to the RMV for the vehicle plates. Motorcycle registration expires every year on the last day of December.
-The state requires you carry insurance that is at least:
•20,000 per person 40,000 per accident protection for bodily injury to others
•20,000 per person 40,000 per accident for bodily injury cause by an uninsured vehicle
•5,000 per accident damage to someone else’s property
•$8,000 personal injury protection for medical expenses and lost wages
Your customer service rep can advise you on how much coverage beyond the minimum is best for you. If there is a loan on the vehicle the lender may require you to also have collision and comprehensive coverage on it.

RV Insurance:
-Know your vehicle. Most Insurance companies group RVs as either a Motorhome or a Travel Trailer. Travel Trailers are non-motorized, towed by a motor vehicle, and used for camping. Motorhomes generally are self-propelled and do not need to be towed by another vehicle. Both types have varying amounts of amenities inside including bathrooms, cooking appliances, and heating and cooling systems.
-Motorhomes need to have their own auto policy.
– Specialty insurance exists for a Mobile home that is stationary at one campsite location for 2 weeks or more. Contact your customer service rep for more information.
-Travel trailers can be added to an existing auto policy. Liability coverage extends from the vehicle pulling the travel trailer, but any physical damage coverage will have to be added additionally. This means that a travel trailer has no coverage for collision or comprehensive losses (like a falling tree branch, fire, theft) unless specifically added.
Whether you are a first time owner or longtime insured, if you have questions regarding how much insurance you need for your recreational vehicle our customer service reps are more than happy to assist you. However you choose to enjoy the warm weather we hope you do it safely and responsibly.

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