Direct Writer or Independent Agent? Why Who You Insure With Matters

Turn on the TV, the radio or even—gasp— open a newspaper and consumers are bombarded with advertisements for insurance companies. How is the average person supposed to know what type of company is best for them?

Most companies fall under two categories: direct writer and independent agents.

Direct writers are companies like Liberty Mutual or Amica who write all of their own policies. Customers call the company directly to change their policy or submit a claim, and usually speak with someone in a call center or large central office.

Independent agencies represent multiple companies and use them to shop the policy around and find the best coverage/price combination. Generally, if there is a problem or a change is needed, an assigned representative from the agency will handle the task. The customer also has the option to contact the company directly.

With these differences in mind, here are 4 reasons to choose an independent agent.

1.Personal customer service

In an age where so many things are automated, agencies pride themselves on delivering great personal service. Unlike large direct writer companies where customers speak to a different person each time they call, Bright Insurance assigns a personal customer service representative to assist the customer whenever a change is needed. Bright has a personal in-house claims representative as well.

2.Personal shopper           

Customers don’t need to worry about sorting through all the insurance companies and policies. At independent agencies, a personal customer service representative will shop the customer’s needs to all of the carriers the agent writes with to find the best fit.

3.Community involvement

In addition to being there for the insureds, most independent agents are active in supporting their community. From sponsoring events, to serving on boards and committees, there are many ways to witness an independent agent such as Bright Insurance impacting the local community.

4.Local knowledge

A local agent will know the ins and outs of the often complicated local registry rules and regulations. Many agents can perform some registry services. In colder weather, the agent can give tips for preventing ice dams, and help customers avoid a surcharge if there is enough bad weather to be considered a catastrophic event.

You have many options when it comes to insuring homes, vehicles and business’. Bright Insurance, as an independent agency, is the best choice. If you have questions about your policy or what Bright Insurance can offer you that other companies cannot, contact your personal customer service representative at 508-473-0556.

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