Close Before You Doze: The simple fire safety tip that could save your life

Some of us do it naturally, and some of us might have to train ourselves to do it, but all of us should be doing one thing at night before we go to bed, closing our door. Nationally, and here locally in Milford there have been countless fires that have destroyed homes and risked lives. The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) has re-launched its safety campaign, “close before you doze” to educate people on the difference simply closing a door can make.

In case of a fire having a closed bedroom door does 2 things for you that having an open door doesn’t
1.Keeps the air in your room cleaner and less smoky, allowing you to breathe easier longer
2.Keeps the temperature in your room down to a survivable temperature. The FSRI did a controlled fire to monitor what happened in both situations. After 10 minutes the temperature in the room with the closed door got up to 100, at the same time the open door room reached 500 degrees.
3.The closed door acts like a shield and will keep the fire out of your room for a few extra minutes, giving you a few extra minutes to come up with a plan to get out.

When it comes to fire safety make sure you always have working batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and a safety plan to all household members know to follow.

For more information on the close before you dose campaign check out

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