Milford Office Renovations

Milford Office Renovations

If you’ve stopped by our 6 Congress Street location recently you may have noticed some painting and scrapping going on. We’ve been giving the office a face lift, and it’s almost complete! Here are some pictures we took during the renovations. Next time you stop by let us know what you think!


bright remodel 4bright remodel 2


The walls in our lobby and the cubicles looked awfully bare once the old wall paper was taken down.

carol name jeans wall

Underneath the wallpaper in our Office Manager Jean’s office we found the signatures of the employees who were here last time the wallpaper was taken down, in 1996.  What made these pictures extra special was the fact that they were taken on the exact same date, February 12th of this year!

jean namesandra name

This is what our lobby looks like today, it’s not quite finished but we couldn’t resist sharing a peek.


bright lobby almostalisalobby2

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