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3 Ways to Enjoy this Winter’s Extra Snow and Ice

    March is just around the corner, but if the snow bankings outside are any indication there is still plenty of time to enjoy winter outdoor activities. Here are 3 ways that you can enjoy this year’s record breaking snowfall   1.Sledding: Some communities around the country have banned sledding because of injury and […]
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Milford Office Renovations

If you’ve stopped by our 6 Congress Street location recently you may have noticed some painting and scrapping going on. We’ve been giving the office a face lift, and it’s almost complete! Here are some pictures we took during the renovations. Next time you stop by let us know what you think!     The walls in our […]
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Ice Dams, The Problem That Won’t Go Away

    Although I have lived in New England my whole life, this is my first winter as a homeowner. I knew there would be a learning curve, getting a feel for when the plows would come and how quickly my neighborhood would get back to normal. What I didn’t anticipate was the 90+ inches […]